Bio-Commodities has grown quickly into a formidable player in the biomass commodities market. We work exclusively with selected producers who meet the highest quality standards. Guided by the needs of our customers, we focus on delivering quality products and services that meet the requirements of each sector and company we serve.


We see a logistics service as being about more than just trucks and schedules. It’s about customisation. And people.

Whether it’s periodically swapping and emptying your waste containers, or the timely collection of your dry or liquid bulk products by truck or ship, we only work with qualified partners. Companies that understand the complexities of their profession. This way we can offer you the best possible service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or whatever schedule suits you.

We have a variety of storage tanks and bunkers at our disposal in several strategic locations where storage and transhipment can take place.

Tracking & tracing

Our Business Management System ensures that all our trade, logistical and administrative transactions are given a unique code and all the necessary compliance-related documentation. This enables us to indicate at any time where a product is located. In the event of an inspection, Bio-Commodities guarantees full transparency throughout the supply chain.


Quality is a choice …

We view product and service quality as being essential.
We therefore invest in constantly improving and optimising them, both in-house and in collaboration with our partners.

From source to final destination, our Business Management System ensures that everything is done correctly, and in line with the wishes and requirements of all the companies we work with.

The foundations of our quality system:

  • Supplier research
    We visit, audit and evaluate our suppliers in the Netherlands, Europe and outside the European Union regularly. Doing this allows us to work in close collaboration with our suppliers to achieve optimal performance.
  • Product research
    Independently accredited laboratories research and analyse product composition and indicate their yield for specific applications. This work improves results for everyone in the chain.
  • Safety standards, laws and regulations
    In consultation with the appropriate authorities, products, services and logistic solutions are harmonised with applicable laws, safety standards and regulatory regulations. This creates trust and confidence
  • Evaluation and optimisation
    We regularly evaluate the way we work in order to optimise our processes. We train our people and exchange practical knowledge with our partners. We welcome suggestions and are open to comments that will lead to a better quality of service for you.
  • Tracking and tracing
    At any given moment we can state where a product is located. In the event of an inspection, Bio-Commodities guarantees full transparency throughout the supply chain.